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Monday, February 23, 2004

The much awaited series: End of the times by Doctor (Dr) Shahid Masood on ARY digital TV

The much awaited series: End of the times by Doctor (Dr) Shahid Masood on ARY digital TV

This is the programme that was advertised on the channel for quite some time, with dramatic footage of the world coming to a supposed end. The series deals with a variety of subjects ranging from minor, major signs of the end of the world, or end of times, Imam Mahdi, the return of Jesus [Isa peace be upon him], Armageddon, Dajjal, and other topics.

The programme’s anchorman Dr Shahid Masood also hosts Views on news on the ARY digital channel or Ary One world, a programme about current affairs in the world.

In the first programme of the series, he discussed about the various ahadith [sayings of prophet Muhummad peace be upon him, on the signs day of judgement], such as:

'Abd Allah said, "The Prophet said, 'Just before the Hour, there will be days in which knowledge will disappear and ignorance will appear, and there will be much killing.' " (Ibn Majah; also narrated by Bukhari and Muslim, from the Hadith of al-A'mash.)

"There shall come upon people deceptive years, in which the liar will be regarded as truthful, the truthful one will be regarded as a liar, the treacherous one will be trusted, the trustworthy one will be mistrusted, and in which al-Ruwaybidah will speak." Someone asked, "What is al-Ruwaybidah?" He said, "A paltry man speaking about the affair/business of the general public." [Ahmad, Ibn Majah, al-Hakim]

In his programme he also discussed other signs [briefly from what I can remember, here is what he said]:

**Shepherds will compete in the construction of tall buildings [as can be seen around Makkah itself]

**Knowledge of Islam will be taken away while ignorance will increase. This removal of knowledge will be because old scholars will die and fewer and fewer new scholars will replace them. The leaders of the Muslims will be chosen from ignorant people, and they will rule according to their whims. [He described the time we live in as a Information overload, although there is a lot of information available i.e. through internet, cd’s, books, but there is lack of useful knowledge that people seek, for their hereafter, such as searching for basic answers, why are we here? What is our purpose on this planet?

**Time will be shortened so that a year will be like a month, a month like a day, a day like an hour [He mentioned the lack of benefit of time in the present day world]

**Earthquakes will increase in number [He gave statistics on the number of people dieing from earthquakes, and how earthquakes have become more and more]

**Illegal sexual intercourse will become widespread. [Also gave statistics concerning this]

**Bloodshed will increase. [He also gave statistics on murder, and how it’s increased]

Next week, the programme is about Imam Mehdi, and he will talk with various people, such as Dr Israr Ahmad.


A good television program is Dr Shahid Masood on Views on news which comes on ARY digital channel.


Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I'm back

Im back, its been ages since i last said nething.

ronnie o sullivan isnt a muslim.

lord of the rings 3 is out need 2 watch it.

ive got bare work 2 do. 148 learnin objectives.

i need a haircut.

saddam is caught.

pakistan where are the new development in missile technology

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Woodhouse college islamic society

nice college society page i saw

Woodhouse college islamic society

"Woodhouse College Islamic Society Homepage. This page was made particularly for the students of Woodhouse college, to find out more about the Islamic society, and keep in touch with events.

Starting College can be a daunting experience, both academically and emotionally. Your Islamic society is here to help you with whatever problems you have. Woodhouse college also provide a prayer room for prayers. Moreover, events also do occur, such as speeches, talks.

One of the main aims of the Islamic society is to introduce, promote and teach Islam to both Muslim and non-Muslim students.

The ISoc is only as successful, effective and efficient as its members. Our Lord advises us "O you who believe! Be you helpers of Allah...". So become a member, support your Society, get involved and hang around and surf this site to find out more information.

Be sure to visit our Forums, and help to make it active

Invite fellow students from Woodhouse College."

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Islamic forum posts

Posts from muslim forum

Islamic Opinion
You asked what it is in Islamic opinion that is so bad about Western lifestyle and values. This is a question which has a very long answer, but I will try to be brief.

We dislike many things. The way you mistreat your women by viewing them as sex objects. You use women to sell anything and everything. This is unfair to women, who have been relegated to objects whose worth is based on their bodies, and this is unfair to society in general.

And then you have the gall to criticize our women, who willingly observe modesty and do not want to be treated as mere objects.

We dislke your rampant consumerism and materialistic way of life. America in particular, has around 6% of the world population, yet it consumes the most resources and materials.

Your values are so low that you no longer feel revulsion when someone violates the institution of marriage and commits fornication or adultery - yet it was your own [Western] society that would take red-hot branding irons and brand the foreheads of adulterers with the letter "A" to signify the crime of adultery. I am not saying I agree with that practice, but I am pointing out that you have lost much of your social values you too, once had.

You have gone even more low and begun to accept sodomy in your way of life. You ignore and reject the clear dangers that sodomy presents to society. We ask ourselves, regarding your culture, that how long will it be before you also find incest and bestiality as being socially acceptable?

We dislike the glorification of murder and crime in your sub-cultures. In your music industry there are countless albums and songs which corrupt the minds of your younger generations and make them think that if anyone even looks at them with a percieved insult, then that is enough of a reason to take their life.

In your films and movies you routinely show murder and crimes being committed by the stars of the movie or the hero. In turn, this impresses upon the minds of viewers. Slowly by slowly, your people become indifferent to such crimes. There was a time in your society when people would genuinely feel some concern for the victims of murder, but now attitudes have decayed to the point where everyone simply cares only about themselves. If someone suffers a loss or dies, other people think nothing of it because it does not affect them personally.

Social values have dropped so low that people have accepted foul language as a part of regular language. People have lost respect for each other. Four-letter words come as easily to the mouths of some people as does breathing.

In your homes, many parents are so intent on running after a better job and more money, that they do not realize their children are growing up wthout proper care. Next thing you know, the kids are misbehaving, commiting juvenile crimes, cussing their parents, getting drunk and committing even more crimes, running away from homes, physically fighting with parents and in various cases, parents and children have even killed each other.

Drugs and prostitution are rampant in your society. Everyone knows the dangers of these two, yet no real effort is made to stamp it out for good. Smoking consumes so much of the finances of a person and yet, it not only goes to sheer waste, it also negatively impacts on the health of other people. Ditto for alcohol.

Your media has made an absolute art out of lying and ignorance of reality. Your media never tells people the whole story, it merely tells them that which is consistent with government objectives, national security, or that which is needed to brainwash the public into supporting any war, no matter if it is blatantly unjust.

The language, the ambiguity used by popular media imparts the idea to people that, it is acceptable to lie and cheat if you use certain terms or language. Your so-called justice system has made it permissible for anyone to sue anyone for even the slightest offences. People exaggerate their losses and then rip each other off.

Corruption prevails at even the highest levels of your society. Have you ever realized how many criminals sit in your government? In the Congress and in other places. Many of them have committed crimes including but not limited to murder, embezzlement, forgery, fraud and so on. If these people are running the country, then what can be said of its citizens who have elected these officials?

What can be said of a country whose President cannot even control his own desires nor be faithful to his wife?

And you are not content with keeping such immorality within your own borders - no, you aggressively export it all around the world. You lure people with all your false glitter and along the way you corrupt their values, their minds and their way of life.

Then there is your unsatiable penchant for bloodshed and war. The Western media accuses Islam of spreading by force, but history bears witness as to why our wars were fought, and it also bears witness that America has launched more aggression and oppressive wars, and killed more innocents than any other country, empire, or entity in history of mankind. And all for what? For spreading your own pseudo-religion; Americanism. Also known as the "American way of life".

This is just the tip of the iceberg - these concepts which I have listed above. This is what we resent and dislke. If you had kept such immorality within the confines of your own border then that may have been acceptable. But the fact that you export your culture, and you do it with military force if you meet any resistance, - this is completely unacceptable to us and this is what has us very disturbed and unhappy.


In Islam, mothers are given thrice the importance that fathers are. Inequality? No.

In Islam, bringing up three daughters [or even two] in this world and sheltering them from vice and promiscuity; teaching them to be exemplary in conduct and virtue - such action is cause for entry into Paradise. It is however, not the same if you raise two or three sons similarly. Inequality? No.

In Islam, if a woman so chooses, she does not have to cook, sew, feed the kids, wash / iron the clothes, etc. It would fall upon the husband to do so, in addition to him having to be the bread-winner for the house already. Inequality? No.

In Islam, the inheritance of a woman is less than that of a man. Usually it is half. But the woman gets to keep her inheritance, as well as her dowry for herself; to spend on herself as she pleases. She is under no compulsion to spend out of her inheritance or dowry upon her husband, her children or her house. The husband however must spend on his wife, his children and house, as well as upon himself. Yet he gets no dowry but he does get a larger share of inheritance. Is this inequality? No.

In Islam, women are allowed to keep their maiden names, to run businesses, a right to a dowry, equal pay, equal consideration in society - things which Western / Christian women could barely dream of even at the beginning of the latter half of the last century.

As was pointed out by others, Islam does not seek to make men and women the same. It gives them both rights and equal chance in this life - but clearly God made men and women different. Mentaly, physically, chemically and so on. Will you now accuse God of injustice because of the diversity He has established in His Creation?

- Why is it that men cannot have babies?
- How come women are allowed leeway every month during a certain time wherein they do not have to pray?
- Why is it that women have more care and affection for their family members than men?

Friday, September 12, 2003


I love the Thundercats. I've got a lampshade of theirs in my bedroom and all 116 episodes.
This is their official logo.

Its the sign which comes out of the Sword Of Omens, when the leading character in the cartoon Liono summons it..

Feel free to speak about this.
Be warned :Only good comments, or else you're in some big trouble.
Remember the ghauri missile? Nuff said.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003


With the forever war in kasmir still occuring no wonder pakistan invests quite a fair chunk of money into military developments. The ghauri missile is such an example.

Monday, September 08, 2003

what a picture

I saw this picture and thought of fish and chips

Now thats what i call real entertainment.

Talking of entertainment does anyone know the secret behind a good curry?

Friday, September 05, 2003

Pakistani design

I've always said the pakistani defence make the best designs for their weapons. Take the ghauri missile for example, or the ghaznavi the army design.
You need some action to happen once in a while or else everything is just boring. You need some Big Bangs and some big mothers to leads the way.
Check out this picture which gets my juices flowing:

This is where all the new inside info about the woodhouse college Isoc. check out the link, its still in development.


Notee this blog does not support nationalism

Wednesday, September 03, 2003


Consider the sun and its radiance, and the moon reflecting the sun.
Consider the day as it reveals the world,
and the night that veils it in darkness.
Consider the sky and its wonderful composition,
the earth and its expanse.

[Surah Shams-The Chapter of the Sun]

Cracking Image, notable black banner-THERE is NO God BUT Allah And Muhummad peace be upon him is his Messenger

Sunday, August 31, 2003


This is what missiles are all about. The Ghauri Missile is pakistan's longest range scud missile, and has a range of 2000km (if i remember correctly)
The desgin is deadly. Even the truck looks sick, take a look..:

Saturday, August 30, 2003

times changing

Its troubling times for me. Moving out to Manchester, going to be on my own at Manchester university, my family is 200 miles away.
I don't know what to do. No one to push me now telling me get off the internet and do your work, no one to tell me its time for college and no home food.
I just hope I do some work while I am up there and not end up with the wrong crowd.
Looks like football is going to have to rescue me while I am up there. Intense football will keep me focused.

Food is a BIG PROBLEM. No home-cooked food. Gonna have to survive on cereal and cookies.
Have to learn some skills while I can....

Sniff...I am very sad and scared at the moment.
Guess the only benefit is I can sleep and chill out. And play as much football as I want....
Oh yeh the mosque is near by...Meet some new people I guess

my favourite ayah

This is my favourite ayah, it brings back some memories of great victories. You all are probably confused but I think Majid knows what I am on about...

O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as friends; they are but friends of each other. And if any amongst you takes them (as friends), then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are Zalimun (Polytheists and wrong-doers and unjust). And you see those in whose hearts there is a disease (of hypocrisy), they hurry to their friendship saying: ‘We fear lest some misfortune of a disaster may befall us.’ Perhaps Allah may bring a victory or decision according to His Will. Then they will become regretful for what they have been keeping as a secret in themselves. (5:51-52)

C'mon its easy to read and understand.
Cracking Stuff

Friday, August 29, 2003

Here are some interesting facts:

Scientists crack 'molecular photography'

American researchers have demonstrated it's possible to store 1000-bit digital images in the atoms of a single molecule.

The research comes from a team working at the University of Oklahoma.

They imprinted the image on hydrogen atoms in a liquid crystal molecule by subjecting it to an electromagnetic pulse containing 1,024 different radio frequencies

Thats not all lol...

A team of Japanese researchers at a leading national university have worked out the value of pi to 1.2411 trillion places

If anyone is interested, check out this site: http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_709615.html?menu=news.scienceanddiscovery.phenomena

Thats it

Thursday, August 28, 2003

site is up

I've had some problems with this site. The background disappeared and the site looked like my arse.
Well its back up people, and who more to thank then my good friend

I am working on putting up pictures up (some fishes as well) and possibly some flash presentations if I can....Have patience.

OK thats it,
Thanks for your time

The Beginning Of Something Big

Assalamu Alaikum,
Hello People. Like I promised I would get this site up and running very soon. As you can see I haven't done much but mine is already a lot better than zamans one.

I have a burning desire to post up some pictures of missiles, air fighter jets and all sorts, but for the time being I cannot.

if you have any sugesstions please feel free to tell me.
Zaman I don't want any sugesstions from you or your chinese builder thank you very much.
InshAllah zia ur op goes well.

OK lets get done 2 some real work people
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